Yoga is for every body!

Come with open hearts and open minds. Get Hot Yoga is a judge-free zone! Get on your mat and just do you! Nobody is watching, nobody is keeping score. We are a community and our goal is to lift each other up, encourage, teach, learn and grow.

Breathe. Sweat. Get Fit!

Before Arriving to Class...

  • Please arrive 10-15 minutes prior to the start of class! Doors will be locked promptly at start time.
  • We recommend not eating 2 hours or more prior to class (Light snack or fruit is ok)
  • HYDRATE throughout the day before and after class
  • Refrain from applying scents or perfumes before class
  • Please wear clean clothes and wash towels after each class

What to bring

  • Water bottle (No glass bottles please)
  • Yoga mat (Available for rental or purchase)
  • Mat towel (Available for rental or purchase)
  • Sweat towel
  • A change of clothes

What to wear

  • Comfortable, sweat wicking clothing
  • Avoid thick cotton materials
  • Socks are okay, but being barefoot works best

What to leave at home

  • Your ego



Get Started

Save time by filling out and bringing in our New Student Contact & Liability Release Form before your first class!

Download Form

  • Please sign in at the front desk when you arrive to class
  • All levels are welcome
  • Ease into your practice! We recommend starting with a beginner, restorative, or candlelight class if you are new to HOT yoga
  • Be sure to inform your instructors of any injuries or conditions before class so they may provide modifications
  • Mats and towels are available for rent at a nominal charge
  • Blocks and straps are provided
  • Be sure to try different classes with various instructors to find what suits you best
  • We have changing rooms on site for your convenience
  • Cubbies for shoes, coats and bags are also available
  • It is the risk and liability of each student to leave items in the cubbies during class
  • The studio doors are locked prior to the start of each class

If it is your first practice...

It may be challenging... and it should be, but do not give up! Your body will adjust to the heat after a few classes. You will feel yourself getting stronger with each class and you will grow rapidly in all aspects of your yoga practice including mind, body and spirit!

Studio Etiquette


  • Arrive 10-15 minutes before class to register, use restrooms and change into yoga attire (if needed)
  • Please arrive ON-TIME doors are locked at the START of scheduled class time (late arrivals will not be let in)
  • Remove shoes immediately upon arrival
  • Turn off or silence mobile devices before arriving
  • Please speak softly within the studio as there may be another class in session
  • Mat placement: many classes will fill to capacity, please place mats close together until the instructor has informed everyone that it is ok to spread out