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Jennifer (Brown) Witt

I grew up in the Chicago suburbs (Warrenville/Naperville area) and worked in the busy city of Chicago for 10 years. It was exhausting! In 2010 I moved to Milwaukee, fell in love with the “laid-back” Wisconsin lifestyle, and the rest is history! I have a career in Mutual Fund Administration and completed my MBA in 2014. I find my happy place on my mat after enduring long days at the office. I am grateful to have found yoga to balance the many stresses that I, like many, face on a day to day basis. I have always been active, with a particular love for gymnastics. I was amazed when I attended my first HOT power yoga class and learned about the playful and invigorating side to yoga. After becoming addicted to HOT yoga I knew opening my own studio was the right endeavor for me. I am extremely grateful and humbled to have had the opportunity to offer the Tosa community its first HOT yoga studio and I am eager to watch  others transform, as I did, mind, body & spirit. Namaste.

Your Instructors

Inga Bentley

Ultra-marathoner, dog lover, and professed foodie, Inga Bentley is a tough combination of engineer-meets-yogi. She discovered early in her yoga journey the importance of strong breathing, bringing her deeper into the physical asana, leading to mental clarity.  She has completed her 200 hour training with T Nolan Yoga. Her lifelong passion for understanding how things work has translated through her yoga in her systematic approach to a powerful vinyasa class. Inga focuses on strengthening the breath, helping students leave class feeling both grounded and refreshed. She helps students reach their goals on and off the mat. Join her in creating a better world one breath at a time.

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Gregg Satula

I'm a Milwaukee-area yogi with an eclectic past that includes a career in law enforcement. My fitness background includes competitive swimming, triathlons, weightlifting and I've been practicing yoga since 2014. Yoga is the first athletic activity of my adult life that I truly believe I need. I hope to share my love of yoga with others through instruction by bringing my past and current experiences into classes. I aim to use reflective thoughts and dry humor to help people deal with the stresses of modern life while getting sweaty. My teaching is purposeful and allows space for individual freedom. In my own practice, I'm always chasing a deeper backbend. Gregg holds a 200 hour certificate through Wild Abundant Life.


Kate Dean Hawthorne

I started lightly practicing yoga several years ago but in early 2013 felt a call to really explore the full practice. My life completely changed after my first heated vinyasa class; I knew I had found my passion. The physical yoga practice challenged me in ways I had never experienced and slowly started to influence other areas of my life. It wasn't long before yoga became completely interwoven in all areas of my life. I was shocked to find how strong the mind-body connection truly is and how the mind influences what the body is capable of. Right away my physical and mental strength grew to a level I never thought possible. I completed my 200hr certification under Debbie Williamson of Wild Abundant Life in June 2014 and also certified as a Yoga Personal Trainer and Yoga Body Bootcamp Basic Trainer. My classes are ever changing and evolving and I strive to bring awareness to the mind-body connection through breath work and intention setting. I hope to inspire everyone to find their passion on and off the mat. 

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Emily Zens

Real Estate Broker by day, Yogini by night! Emily has over a decade of practice under her belt and has been called to teach various styles of yoga over the past five years. With an affinity for vinyasa flow and all levels of moving meditation; her goal is to help students experience bliss and divine play. Holding space and creating unity. The opportunity to teach arose from what she refers to as the “silver lining”. Some unexpected down time resulting from an injury gave her the chance to study and sharpen her craft. As an instructor she is able to share her love of the practice with remarkable people and allow them the chance to work out while working in. Teaching is an art, yoga is everything, all the feels!


Kellie Lanza

Looking for a change to her workout routine, Kellie decided to give yoga a second chance in 2007.  She was immediately hooked and couldn’t remember why she didn’t enjoy it her first time many years prior. This second time around, Kellie attended yoga classes multiple times per week for the great strengthening and stretching she felt in her body.  How she felt not only physically, but also mentally and emotionally afterwards was what drove her to make yoga a part of her daily routine. Kellie really believes that by moving the body in the way yoga asks us to, it allows for the mind to quiet and take a pause from the outside world.

Since 2007, Kellie has been a pediatric Speech Language Pathologist, which she truly enjoys; however, if anyone would ever ask her what her dream job was, she would say to teach yoga. In 2018, she finally decided to make that dream a reality; Kellie completed her 200-hour teacher certification from Tosa Yoga Center. Since a young age, Kellie has always had a love for health and fitness. By completing her yoga teaching certification, she felt like she added a very important piece to this passion. Through teaching yoga, Kellie has gained a confidence she never realized she had.

Kellie loves how a yoga studio or room offers such a sense of community and union; a union with the other students as  everyone moves together, breathes together, and grows together. But also a union with one’s self; joining together body movement and breath. Kellie enjoys teaching a purposeful yoga flow with a mental theme; always encouraging students to move in a way that feels good for their body.


Mindy Nolan

Mindy is a free spirited, passionate, old-soul yogi. Her loving nature brings compassion and creativity into all aspects of her life - from the mat into the courtroom, as a criminal defense attorney, and everywhere in between. She is a new-age hippy and essential oil aficionado who lives passionately to improve the lives of others. Her yogic wisdom will command you through a powerful but fun vinyasa flow.  Her genuine and playful spirit will light up your practice and empower you to light up your own life.  She has been practicing yoga for over ten years and has a passion for the all things outdoors, travel, natural foods, and juicing. She is excited to see you on the mat!


Katie Reiske

Katie is a nomadic yogi with a whimsical spirit who has been practicing yoga for over five years. But it wasn’t until last year where she deepened her yoga practice by going on her first week long yoga retreat in Costa Rica. It opened her eyes to so much more and inspired her to complete her 200 hr Teacher Training in Fall of 2015 with Tara Nolan.

Her fresh perspective motivates you to tune into your true self and let your inner goddess shine through. Katie brings a creative vision to vinyasa flow, allowing a playful and unpredictable class. Never afraid to try new things, her sense of adventure will bring students to new levels on the mat and all aspects of life. 

While not practicing yoga Katie loves spending time outdoors: hiking, camping, skiing you name it. Nomadic by nature she is always looking for a new place to explore and travel to. But when staying close to home you will probably find her in the hottest new restaurant sharing tapas and enjoying an occasional glass of wine! 


Ryan Wonderlic 

After having had so much change during my first year of college, I gravitated towards the things that made me happy. A big aspect of that to me was Yoga. Ever since I was little I loved the idea of art, I saw it everywhere and in everything. I wanted nothing more than to grab it, do it, and be it. When I first experience a Yoga class, I recognized it immediately for what it was- art. It was a beautiful blend of a freedom and creativity and a mix of individuality within a heartfelt community. Yoga does not judge. The decision to become an instructor stemmed from the desire to help others see the art within yoga, to gain confidence, and to spread happiness.


Mallory Maye

RYT200. I have been an athlete all my life.  After a life changing spinal injury and surgery, I became extremely limited to what sports and physical activities I could do.  Eventually, I crossed paths with yoga. Not only was I getting physical benefits, but also the mental clarity was unlike anything else I ever experienced.  Once I finally tried hot vinyasa yoga, I knew this was exactly what I was searching for. Influenced by my personal yoga journey, instructors and experiences throughout the years, I bring a mix of tradition and passion to my practice and leading others into their own practice.  My mission is to empower and encourage all levels of students, while creating a welcoming environment and community.  With a focus on pranayama and alignment, I want to help expose others to the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice. By providing others with compassion and guidance, I hope to promote the balance of mind and body awareness as well as lasting inner peace.  I believe yoga is a continuously growing community, making the world a better place - one yogi at a time. I received my certification from Satya Life School of Yoga under Kate Hawthorne in 2019.


Cori Skaarnes

RYT 200. I have participated in competitive sports my entire life and am always looking for a new way to challenge myself. Initially, I was drawn to yoga as a form of exercise but I quickly realized how challenging yoga was, both physically and mentally. I started practicing yoga in 2014 and slowly started to realize that I always felt happier and content after attending a yoga class. Yoga started to become something that I looked forward to every single day, on the good and the bad days. I noticed how much this practice was changing my entire life when I finally realized that I didn’t just WANT to go to yoga, I NEEDED to go to yoga. The combination of the physical practice and mental clarity that yoga provides to me is what keeps me coming back to my mat for more. I completed my 200 hour certification under Kate Hawthorne through Satya Life School of Yoga in 2019. I hope to share my love of yoga by guiding students through their own personal yoga journey.

Elise Coleman headshot.jpg

Elise Coleman

RYT 200. A good friend of mine convinced me to try hot yoga in college. I wasn’t hooked immediately, but when I uprooted my life to move to another state, I really found my practice. I loved how my brain felt after yoga – moving with breath and the mind/body connection was a way for me to find inner peace when life was chaotic. Although I’ve been practicing for almost a decade, I’m not naturally flexible, so I might not look like a typical yoga teacher to everyone. But I hope this “non typical” appearance will help show my students that anyone can be a yogi! We are all on our own unique beautiful journey, and everyone’s practice is a yoga practice, regardless of what they look like. I received my 200-hour yoga teacher certification in May 2019 from Satya Life School of Yoga. In my spare time, I enjoy reading, writing, running (when it’s warm!), and traveling with my husband.


Ellen Joppe

RYT 200. I am a retired division one athlete and I started my yoga journey in college when my teammates would take yoga classes in between soccer practices. While having a competitive mindset, I started to increase my yoga practice and I strictly saw it as a posture-based activity. After college, I started to explore the practice of yoga even further. I realized that there was so much more involved in yoga than just the posture.  As I grew deeper into my practice, I found internal happiness, mental clarity, and personal growth. I continue to step on my mat as an outlet to relieve stress and as a source of therapy. I completed my 200 hour certification under Jessica and Al Noche from Kramas Yoga in Madison. I hope to inspire other yogis to find personal happiness and growth, and become the best version of themselves!


Maral Almozaffar

To come.


Kim Peterson

To come.

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Shifra Rothenberg

RYT 200. For me, yoga is a moving meditation, it gifts me a space to explore my body and mind. I discovered the complexity and cosmic energy of yoga more than a decade ago, and quickly learned how my yoga practice weaves through the physical and mental space of everyday life. I decided to become a yoga instructor to strengthen my practice as a student and I love teaching and sharing my energy. I received my 200 hr teacher training from the Satya School led by Kate Hawthorne. The experience was life changing and humbling. As a yoga instructor, I hope to bring an ease of breath and movement to my students while staying grounded and welcoming space and creativity onto their mat. By day you can find me as a dental assistant, and in my free time I love spending time with my dogs, writing, crafting and finding hidden gems in Milwaukee.


Kylie Hughes

RYT 200. As a former dancer, I fell in love with yoga after my first hot vinyasa class 10 years ago and I have been actively practicing since. At first, I was looking for a new way to stay active and the strength and flexibility I gained from a lifetime of dancing made for an easy transition into yoga. What kept me coming back was the way yoga made me feel – body and mind – on and off the mat. I completed my 200 hour certification from Corepower Yoga in Boston as a way to challenge myself and advance my own practice. As an instructor, my goal is to create powerful and challenging, yet fun and upbeat sequences that will leave you feeling inspired and empowered. Off the mat, I love to travel, try new restaurants, cuddle my Frenchie, read, and any outdoor or water activity. Can’t wait to see you on the mat!

Front Desk Yogi Assistants

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